Bamboo Flooring

Welcome to Magic Flooring! We are happy to offer you the best flooring solutions. Being a leading company, we have many years of experience in this filed. With a wide range of options to choose from, we guarantee to update your commercial and residential places as per your demands. We’re professionals, friendly and we offer the best service to our customers. Before you decide on which type of floors to choose for your home or commercial space, we will be happy to talk to you for expert advice. If you prefer bamboo flooring then let us help you. We offer high-quality installation of Bamboo Flooring in Melbourne and give you peace of mind that our technicians will handle your project in an excellent way. We offer competitive prices on all of our flooring services so you can rest assured we will meet your budget as well. Our eco-friendly Bamboo Flooring has awesome choices including traditional, engineered, and strand-woven options. So everything is based on your desires and you are free to choose which type of bamboo flooring is right for you.


Our Bamboo Flooring Specialists are always ready to discuss everything with you. Bamboo flooring is less expensive than hardwood, so if you are searching for a great choice at a reasonable price then you can opt for bamboo floors. They have a lifespan of 10-25 years and are quite durable no matter how often you will dust or sweep them. If you want to bring elegance to your room and make it look more stylish, simply call Magic Flooring and we will help you the best way possible. Bamboo is a great natural flooring alternative to hardwood and people who prefer beauty and quality always choose bamboo floors. Contact us for more information about our flooring installation services and we will proudly serve you in Melbourne!