Our team at MagicFlooring specializes in design, installation, and maintenance of flooring projects. Our versatile designers, installers and technicians are ready to offer their expertise and experience to serve your flooring needs; Our expertise and knowledge of products, installation and maintenance truly sets MagicFlooring apart as a company. We have gained our customers’ trust by reliability and agility in performing their projects.
About Us


We pride ourselves on supplying the perfect flooring, both technologically and aesthetically. Our passion to provide our most valued customers with the very finest flooring materials that are both fit-for-purpose and fit-for budget has made us a leading supplier for residential and commercial flooring projects around Melbourne.

Flooring Installation


We pride ourselves on meticulous craftsmanship on all of our flooring installations. Our versatile installers have many years of experience in subfloor leveling and installation, ensuring that the flooring material is laid to exact specifications. Additionally, being familiar with building regulation standards ensures the best workmanship outcomes.

Customer Service


We proudly claim that high-quality customer service has been tried and tested through experience to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We are proud to be acclaimed by our most valued clients through helping families and individuals who trust our reliability, our persistence for high-quality craftsmanship, and our respect for after-sales services.