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    Regardless of how carefully you look after your timber flooring, it will need repairs now and then to keep it looking its best. Despite how little traffic it receives or how much extra attention and to care it benefits from, a skilled renovation and wood floor repair service may help restore your floor to its former glory. We are glad to offer a variety of timber floor repairs in Melbourne, including timber scratch repairs and squeaky timber floor repairs. Our specialists will assess the condition of your hardwood floor and determine the best strategy to take before beginning repairs on floorboards, solid timber, floating timber, engineered timber, and parquetry flooring. Moreover, We provide a full variety of restorative wood floor refinishing services to restore the appearance of your timber floors.


    Most people suffer from squeaky Timber flooring, which is a frequent and annoying problem. With our services, we remove the annoying friction and vibration from under your feet, with little to no damage to your hardwood or carpeted flooring. We promptly identify the root of the issue, whether it’s a loose floorboard or a gap, and replace creaking floorboards with high-quality flooring materials. With years of experience, we can confidently perform hardwood floor repair services for you in Melbourne.
    Squeaky Timber Floor Repairs Melbourne
    Timber Floor Dent Repair Melbourne


    Even the most durable hardwood floor will get dents. Accidents do happen, and dents might occur – especially if you have children or pets at home, if you have to move heavy furniture on a regular basis, or if you wear high heels every day. There is no one to blame here! Solid timber flooring can be sanded to remove minor dents. This is an excellent method of wood floor repair and gives it a fresh appearance. If you need timber floor repair in Melbourne, contact us today to arrange your consultation.


    To remove any scratches or jagged edges, the surface of the wooden floor is sanded. We use our sanding machine, so we can remove a very thin layer from the timber floor while buffing out areas of damage. To make the wood more smooth and less likely to generate splinters when walked on, a thin layer of coating will be applied to the sanded areas.
    Timber Floor Scratch Repairs Melbourne
    Cracked Timber Floor Repairs Melbourne


    While dealing with cracked floorboards, sanding to remove a thin layer of the surface might be the solution only for solid timber flooring. However, if your cracked floorboard is an engineered timber floor type or the damage that is done to the solid timber floorboard is severe, it must be replaced.


    Hardwood flooring is vulnerable to water damage, and after the floor has completely dried, you may see cupping, warping, and buckling of the floorboards. This is when you truly need the assistance of a skilled and dependable hardwood floor repair service in Melbourne. Timber floor sanding isn’t something you want to try on your own, our experts will inspect your floors on-site and determine whether your floors need repairing.

    If the water damage is not major, our timber floor repair experts will sand the afflicted area carefully, ensuring that the floor’s surface is completely even and smooth. In case the floorboards are too damaged or rotten due to water exposure, sanding will not do the trick and the floorboards must be replaced.

    Water Damaged Timber Floor Repairs Melbourne
    Sourcing Reclaimed Timber Planks Melbourne


    Reclaimed timber isn’t a new concept, but it’s become more popular in recent years, thanks to the green building and remodeling boom. Reclaimed timber is just timber that has been used before and has been removed in perfect shape to be repurposed. Each timber floorboard or floor plank has its own unique pattern, and when it comes to replacing one or a few damaged boards, we will carefully select the floorboards that perfectly match the existing ones.


    We offer our services all around Melbourne. Call and make an appointment to have our experts at your place. We investigate your floors and advise you on how to make the best out of the Sanding and Polishing process for your floors.


    Can you repair only a part of a hardwood floor?

    We are happy to perform sectional timber floor repair, but refinishing the entire area for a uniform aesthetic is strongly recommended.

    How much does it cost to repair a floor?

    There are several cost factors to consider while hiring hardwood floor repair services in Melbourne. The total cost is primarily determined by the extent of the damage and the amount of repair or replacement that is required. Other elements that influence the cost of floor repair include the type of flooring and the cause of the damage.

    Does homeowners insurance cover rotten floor joints?

    A homeowners insurance policy usually does not cover wood or floor joist rot.


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